Varun Belagali

MS CS student at Stony Brook University, New York. I am part of the CV Lab advised by Prof. Dimitris Samaras.
Previously, I was a Research Associate at Spire Lab, IISc working with Prof. Prasanta Kumar Ghosh. I have completed my Bachelor's in CS from R V College of Engneering, Bengaluru.

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My primary research interest lies in Computer Vision, mainly representation learning, vision-language models, and applications in Robotics.

Crossway Diffusion: Improving Diffusion-based Visuomotor Policy via Self-supervised Learning
Xiang Li, Varun Belagali, Jinghuan Shang, Michael S. Ryoo

ICRA, 2024

HyperMAE: Modulating Implicit Neural Representations for MAE Training
Varun Belagali, Lei Zhou, Xiang Li, Dimitris Samaras

NeurIPS Workshop - SSLTheoryPractice, 2023

INRFormer: Neuron Permutation Equivariant Transformer on Implicit Neural Representations
Lei Zhou, Varun Belagali, Joseph Bae, Prateek Prasanna, Dimitris Samaras

NeurIPS Workshop - Neureps, 2023

Weakly supervised glottis segmentation in high-speed videoendoscopy using bounding box labels
Varun Belagali, Achuth Rao M V, Prasanta Kumar Ghosh

Interspeech, 2023

Air tissue boundary segmentation using regional loss in real-time Magnetic Resonance Imaging video for speech production
Anwesha Roy, Varun Belagali, Prasanta Kumar Ghosh

Interspeech, 2022

An error correction scheme for improved air-tissue boundary in real-time MRI video for speech production
Anwesha Roy, Varun Belagali, Prasanta Kumar Ghosh

ICASSP, 2022

Two step convolutional neural network for automatic glottis localization and segmentation in stroboscopic videos
Varun Belagali, Achuth Rao M V, Pebbili Gopikishore, Rahul Krishnamurthy, Prasanta Kumar Ghosh

Biomedical Optics Express, 2020 [journal]

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